Tijwal B System For Camel Training

Travel around the world keeping your eye on your camels

For the first time

Live Time tracking of the training and continuous recording of the camels’ movements

Tijwal He System For Endurance Races

No necessity for personal presence, knowing all exact details anywhere and anytime

All jockeys' Details

Seek help in emergency situations and reaching jockeys easily

Smart Pigeons Galary (SPG)

PG System For Organizing Pigeon Breeds

Find out all detailed information by clicking on Pigeon's photo

For the first time in the world

Organize and facilitate pigeon breeding

Document and maintain the Breeds

Featured Products

Tijwal He System For Endurance Races

For the first time in the world, four devices in one system which enables the owner and trainers to watch the jockeys remotely and directly.

Tijwal B Device For Camels' Training

For the first time in the world, live time remote tracking of all training data

PG System For Organizing Pigeon Breeds

Mobile based Integrated Smart System to organize and maintain pigeons breeds

Tijwal Distinctive Watches are a new gift and will be available for Rally racers, cyclists and Safari fans

Tijwal C Wristwatch For Bicycle Racer

We are providing a direct ongoing follow up to Cyclists' fans including comprehensive data.

Tijwal SAF Wristwatch For Safari

Now, Safari organizing has become easier among group members with ability to determine the locations accurately.

Tijwal R Wristwatch For Rally Racer

We are providing easy smart systems specialized to Rally's competitors and other special systems for Rally's organizers.

Tijwal He System For Endurance Races

4in1For the first time in the world

Wristwatch for endurance races

Wristwatch for endurance races

Remote tracking device for Jockeys

Remote Horses’ heart rate measurement

Emergency device to alarm on injury or absence occurrence

Benefits Of Tijwal He System

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Tijwal B System For Camel Training

For the first time in the world

Live time tracking of the training

Knowing the location, speed, timing, and distance

Continuous recording of the camels’ movements

Benefits Of Tijwal B System

camol-pAbility to track the moves of camels in term of location, speed, distance, and timings in real time anywhere in the world

camol-pKnowing all precisendetails of camels’ training at anytime without personal presence

camol-pTracking the camels as they enter and exit the training areas

camol-pAbility to track the camels during thier relocation until they reach thier destination

camol-pOwners can track thier camels with advantage of saving data for reviewing anytime

camol-pMaintain e-records of the camels’ results

camol-pAbility to conclude and analyze best timings of camels’ trainings and thier races from the database

camol-pWarning about the restricted-entry areas and the allowed areas

camol-pPossibility of using the device in most of GCC countries

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PG System For Organizing Pigeon Breeds

PG smart system for Pigeon Breeding professionals and amateurs

pigeoon-pThe ability to organize and facilitate Pigeons Breeding, and also document and maintain the breeds

pigeoon-pThe ability to display pigeon’s data through mobile

pigeoon-pThe ability to store all Pigeons related information, training and races results, in addition to any other important information for Pigeon owners

pigeoon-pSupport all breeding used patterns (cage, coop, isolation of disease…etc)

pigeoon-pFor the first time in the world, Browsing all owned pigeons’ photos  with ability to know Pigeon name and breed through clicking on its photo, in addition to the ability to add several photos for each Pigeon such as eye photo, wing’s photo …etc

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About Us

Our company was established in 2013 here, in Dubai. During last 3 years Al Muraqeb did hard work to develop all necessary technologies for quantum leap in tracking systems.

Today we are glad to offer our clients revolutionalized monitoring systems that will bring your training unbelievable accuracy, comfort and pleasure.

The range of products available from Al Muraqeb covers:

Camel Monitoring System

Horse Monitoring System

Cycling Monitoring System

Auto and Motorbikes Monitoring System

Pigeon Breading and Racing System

Sea Sport Monitoring System

Sailplanes Monitoring System

Other projects for social services as Educational project, Patient Cares project, Smart Farming, etc.

We are really excited to keep pushing this frontiers of  monitoring systems opportunities !

Abdulah Ibrahim Shamsi

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